17 JAN

BABY wins at Flickerfest 2011 in Sydney, Australia.

By Lyra Xharra Loxha
FlickrFest 2011

Baby wins the Flickerfest Special Jury Prize for Best International Short Film last night on Bondi Pavilion, Sydney. Baby was selected for the prize by a Jury consisting of Kryzystof Geirat (Director Krakow Film Festival), Eileen Arandiga (Festival Director of the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto,) Renee Brack (face of Movie Extra), Hannah Hillard (director), Susie Porter (actress), Luke Doolan (director), Peta Watermayer (National Geographic Channel’s Program and Acquisitions Manager) and Tom Zubrycki (director).

13 JAN

Review of BABY in UK magazine Little White Lies.

By Don Graves
BABY - Little White Lies Magazine

The UK short Baby, is about a young girl who witnesses a mugging. Already winning multiple awards across the world (including the Best Short at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival and Best Short at the British Independent Film Awards), director Daniel Mulloy's measured vision and huge empathy for his characters marks him out as one of the most talented directors working in the UK today.

Reviewed by Laurence Boyce for LITTLE WHITE LIES

12 JAN

BABY wins Best British Short Film at BIFA.

By Don Graves
Best British Short Film at BIFA

(left to right) Actor Max Irons sits backstage with Daniel Mulloy, Ohna Falby and Neil Marshall after the BIFA Awards presentation.

Winners on the night included:

Best British Feature Film: THE KINGS SPEACH
Best British Short Film: BABY
Best Foreign Film: LA PROPHET
Best Supporting Actor: GEOFFREY RUSH
Best Supporting Actress: HELENA BONHAM CARTER
The Variety Award: LIAM NEESON

11 JAN

Arta Dobroshi accepts lead in Nëna and takes on role of producer.

By Lyra Xharra Loxha
Arta Dobroshi lead role and producer

Set in Kosova's capital Prishtina, Nëna will see Arta Dobroshi accept her first role on home soil for many years. The film, financed by the UNDP, will be shot in the Albanian language and is the first project that Dobroshi will join as producer. The project will also be joined by debut producer Nita Deda.

11 JAN

Dan Robinson (of Cut and Run) agrees to cut Nëna.

By Jo Madison
Dan Robinson Editor

Daniel's long time editor and collaborator, Dan Robinson, has agreed to come on board Nëna - Mulloy's new film. Nëna has been developed in Prishtina along side Arta Dobroshi (Silence of Lorna and Baby).

08 JAN

Baby high on SIGHT & SOUND Magazine's, "Eight of the Best"...

By Don Graves

"When a young woman witnesses a girl being mugged she intervenes, but turns the mugger’s attention to herself. Director Mulloy is one of contemporary British short film’s leading auteurs, well known for creating complex, often uncomfortable dramas around family relationships. Baby has already won the Best Short award at both the 2010 Edinburgh Film Festival and the recent British Independent Film Awards."
SIGHT & SOUND The International Film Magazine

01 JAN

Baby among 15 International short films for Sundance.

By Lyra Xharra Loxha
Baby among 15 International short films for Sundance

Baby among 15 International short narrative films selected for Sundance Film Festival 2011.

With over 9,000 submissions to Sundance Film Festival this year Baby is one on the international narrative shorts selected to play and will be part of Shorts Program 04.

Shorts Program 04 Screening times:

Saturday, January 22, midnight
Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City
Sunday, January 23, 2:30 p.m.
Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Thursday, January 27, 10:30 p.m.
Broadway Centre Cinema IV, SLC
Friday, January 28, 9:15 p.m.
Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
Saturday, January 29, 7:30 p.m.
Broadway Centre Cinema IV, SLC